National Food

Since Mongolians have been migrating, their food was mostly dairy and meat of livestock which was produced in variety of ways. Also used wild animals, wild vegetable, beans, seeds, crop plants, fruits, savor sweets as side dishes. Mongolians prepare their meat supply in a cold season, when livestock are well-fed, and it’s called Idesh /winter meat supply/. During the winter, meat is often eaten, and during the summer, fermented milk and yogurt are served.


Some of the Mongolian national dishes include:           

            Borts /dried meat/: Borts are the main food of nomadic Mongolians and the most suitable food for those who migrate. Borts are dried meat that can be preserved for long periods of time and cannot be decayed or lose their quality and the nutrition and juice are preserved in it and its unique food of Mongolian nationals of hundreds of years. Borts is light weighted and can be eaten during four seasons of year and its best suited for long trips. Also there is rumor that this unique food was the main food of the Mongolians during wars.  

            Boodog/Mongolian Barbeque cooked inside itself/: Boodogs are usually made from goat and marmot meat. Take the bones out of the meat from the Boodog meat, so they leave the meat in the skin. To cook it fast, cut the meat that was in the bone into thinner pieces. After the skin removed in whole with no cut from body, close well the open part with layers of filled cut meats and hot stones. Close the mouth well and fry from outside to cook. Because for boodog pots or pans were not used for cooking, boodog was commonly used during wars and ancient Mongolians have eaten this fast tasty dish during wars.

            Khorkhog/Mongolian barbeque cooked in a pot/: Khorkhog is usually done on a picnic and put shredded fresh meat in a pot with little bit of water and add heated stone. After layering meat and stone, close the lid well to cook. Hot stones and soup are the magic of human fatigue.

The cooking method of Khorkhog and boodog are similar, so can be considered being modern form of boodog. The reason it’s considered being a modern form of boodog is that khorkhog is cooked in a pot by layers of meat and hot stones instead of livestock skin.


Published: 2018-02-13 09:14:14