Mongolian Game

Mongolians are smart people who have developed a variety of games from ancient times to develop their children’s skills, intelligence, speech and thinking skills. Mongolian national games have a variety of knucklebone games, board games, puzzles, verbal games, folding cutting games, games on ice and archery, wrestling and horse racing.

Knucklebone game is played with a variety of knucklebone of small cattle such as horse racing, arranging multicolored frog, tossing 4 types of knucklebone, grabbing knucklebone, flicking knucklebone and so on. The reason knucklebone is so respected is that it symbolizes the livestock, so it is prohibited to throw it into the garbage and leave it on the base of Ger.

In addition to playing board games like well-known chess and checker, there are Panjig, Ger board game, Buudal /station/, Enkhjargal /happiness/, Ulzii /luck/, Dugui /wheel/, 4 bulls and many more.

Puzzle game develops a child’s imagination more and there are other types of games such as wooden puzzle, Mongolian lock, subtle maze, and knucklebone puzzle.

Puzzle is originated from nomadic civilization. Our ancestors used to easily break up and assemble all our homes, fixtures, fences and yarns so that they could adjust and move in anytime during the four seasons. It has developed into the foundation of puzzle game. There are puzzles in Mongolian Ger, bed, table, and shelves and even in Airag’s piston. Our people have used games and puzzles to develop creative techniques, creative thinking and creativity and so it has created a whole-of-the-ordinary traditional culture that has been used in various disciplines for good upbringing.


Published: 2018-02-13 10:11:24