Mongolians have worshipped shamanism from ancient times and have prayed in mountains, water and eternal blue sky, and respected other religions. Since the time of Genghis Khan, the religion has been freed and it is personal right of Mongolians to worship or not to worship any religion till today and it is on constitution, too. 

            Today, Mongolians are worshipping many religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Muslim and Shamanism. Most common out of it is Buddhism, but not many people still worship shamanism and continuing the rituals of shamanism.

Buddhism has been spread three times in Mongolia, and its latest epoch involves the period of foreign oppression between 19th and 20th century. During this period Mongolia was under oppression of Manchu rule, and the King of Manchu supported Tibetan Buddhism to be spread in every corner of Mongolia, and most of the Mongolians became masters of religion.


As this religion extends to Mongolia, many memorials, monasteries were built with eccentric yet interesting designs and some of them still can be seen with your own eyes.

            Shamanism is considered being non-religious because religion has its own sermon and scripture. There is no such thing as a scripture in shamanism, and shamanism is called non-religious. The ancient people understood that “spirits of the dead reign the world”. Therefore, they have assumed various rituals to treat them.  The ancient people describe the implications of their influence as good or bad spirits and creating many rituals to promote the good and to remove the bad. In other words, the form of worship that existed before the creation of the world religions was considered shaman. 

Shamanism is traditionally practiced in the mind of Mongolians. Since the tribes were in the union before shifting to class system in the 3rd century BCE, shamanism was long-standing worship of ancient Stone Age. In other words, the original form of worship that worships the spirit of ancestors, the heavens, and the earth.

The ancient Mongolians believed that a special master of heaven was hiding behind nature, the world, humans and animals, who takes the care of them. This concept is the foundation of the Shamanism. This concept is the foundation of the shamanism principle.

Published: 2018-02-13 16:10:19