Nomadic culture

Nomadic culture has begun since human beings’ origination, and Mongolians maintain nomadic civilization and are still migrating. Nomads protect their nature and care their livestock and earn their living from it. Those who live along with their livestock can guess the climate from their natural environment and livestock behavior and they know everything in the 100 km radius of the place. The nomadic people have formed the world of the United Kingdom and have ruled the settled civilization and been as a mediator, but nowadays due to pastures, depletion and desertification, nomads have become more and more vulnerable to poverty, and have been hit by the wave of globalization and are being pushed to the settled civilization and industrial economies. Today, 0.5 percent of population which is 35 to 40 million nomads are still living in nomadic herding lifestyle. The people today are nomadic, including Australian aborigines, Bedie, Masayans, Pigmies, Tugrug, Mongolia, Tibetans, and Samites. 

            The nomadic civilization of Mongolia has the advantage of continuing tradition to live as a family, camp of Gers, neighbors, tribes and nations with transparent humanitarian successes, fiercely honest, hard work, ethics and customs from other civilizations. Today, Genghis Khan’s formula is getting more and more attention of researchers called “wisdom to worship the blue sky”. It includes the commandment to love and care the blue sky, the earth, the golden sun, the apple moon, the sacred mountains, the rivers, the springs, and the land of the earth which are possessed by god and spirits.

            The natural phenomenon of nomadic life is the main philosophy of wisdom to give and take, and asks for permission to please the spirit of nature when moves to new land and many rituals of prayer and consecration are a lot of customary practices, such as polluting rivers, leaving pole on the ground, removing rock from the hill or mountain, cutting the grass, cutting young trees.

Published: 2018-02-13 16:14:38